To whom it may concern…


We would like to announce that Wuhan LECON Development Co.,Ltd. is not authorized distributor for the products from DEHN Surge Protection (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., from DEHN SE + Co KG (hereinafter collectively referred to as “Dehn Group”), nor from any authorized distributor of Dehn Group.
我们兹此声明,武汉市雷创技术发展有限公司不是德和盛电气(上海)有限公司及DEHN SE + Co KG(以下合称为“DEHN集团”)之产品的授权分销商,亦不是DEHN集团任何授权分销商的授权分销商。

Your company is welcome to contact us in order to obtain an up-to-date list of Dehn Group’s authorized distributors and dealers, which are the only ones able to provide genuine Dehn Group’s products and authentic certificates of origin. Please note that Dehn Group cannot be held responsible for any defect, loss or accident incurred by products which are not sold through our authorized sales channels.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours Sincerely,

DEHN Surge Protection (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.




今后,您将更容易验证您所获得的产品是否为原始DEHN产品,只要您致电021 2351 9988。同时,我们也将对侵犯DEHN知识产权的公司持续的采取法律行动。


深圳鼎方科技有限公司(Shenzhen Dingfang Technology Co.,Ltd.)

深圳市中鹏电子有限公司 (Shenzhen City Zhong Peng Electronic Co., Ltd.)

深圳天顺科技有限公司(Shenzhen Tillsun Technology Co.,Ltd.)

杭州泰格尔科技有限公司(Hangzhou Tiger Science & Technology Co.,Ltd)

德国DEHN防雷器深圳销售中心(Dehn Shenzhen Sales Center)

深圳鑫灿电子有限公司(Shenzhen Xincan Electronics Co.,Ltd)

深圳市广和发科技有限公司(Shenzhen Guanghefa Technology co.,Ltd)


深圳市雷士科技发展有限公司(Shenzhen Thor Technology Development co.,Ltd)

深圳市楚邦科技有限公司( Shenzhen Chubang Technology & Science Co., Ltd)

厦门正邦电子有限公司 (Xiamen Zhengbang Electronic Co., Ltd )

上海启伊实业有限公司 (Shanghai Qiyi Technology Co.,Ltd. )

深圳科安达电子科技股份有限公司(Shenzhen Keanda Electronics Co.,Ltd)


Dear customer,
Thank you for your interest in our products. For over 100 years DEHN provides surge protection devices of the high quality – for the safety of us all.

In the future it will be even easier for you to verify that you have obtained an original DEHN product. Just call 021 2351 9988 .

Meanwhile we are taking action on companies infringing on the intellectual property rights of DEHN.
We have NOT entrusted the following companies to act as our distributors and DEHN cannot assume any quality guarantee for products purchased from the following companies:

Shenzhen Dingfang Technology Co.,Ltd. (深圳鼎方科技有限公司)

Shenzhen City Zhong Peng Electronic Co., Ltd. (深圳市中鹏电子有限公司).

Shenzhen Tillsun Technology Co.,Ltd.(深圳天顺科技有限公司)

Hangzhou Tiger Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. (杭州泰格尔科技有限公司)

Dehn Shenzhen Sales Center (德国DEHN防雷器深圳销售中心)

Shenzhen Xincan Electronics Co.,Ltd. (深圳鑫灿电子有限公司)

Shenzhen Guanghefa Technology co.,Ltd. (深圳市广和发科技有限公司)


Shenzhen Thor Technology Development co.,Ltd. (深圳市雷士科技发展有限公司)

Shenzhen Chubang Technology & Science Co., Ltd.(深圳市楚邦科技有限公司)

Xiamen Zhengbang Electronic Co., Ltd. (厦门正邦电子有限公司)

Shanghai Qiyi Technology Co.,Ltd. (上海启伊实业有限公司)

Shenzhen Keanda Electronics Co.,Ltd(深圳科安达电子科技股份有限公司)

We will continue to work hard to guarantee high quality and ultimate protection.




电话 +86-21-23519988


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