1. Regional Sales Engineer 区域销售工程师(上海,北京,深圳,成都大连,西安,武汉,南京,郑州,乌鲁木齐,青岛)

1. Fulfill the sales plan and achieve sales target set by the management;
2. Develop new customers or potentials, and maintain the business relations with the existing customers;
3. Support and guide our distributors in winning the projects;
4. Routine visits to the relevant Design Institutes and keep the good relations with key engineers;
5. Support the technical marketing and product management in the marketing activities and collecting the market info;
6. Fulfill other tasks arranged by senior managers.
1. College or bachelor's degree or higher, in electrics or electronics;
2. Over 3 years of Sales experiences;
3. Experiences in lightning and surge protection are desired;
4. Skills in customer communications and presentations;
5. Good English skills in reading and writing;
6. Good teamwork spirits.

1. 执行管销售计划,并完成区域销售指标;
2. 开发新客户或者潜在的客户,并维护与现有客户的业务联系;
3. 支持并指导代理商赢得项目;
4. 与现有客户建立长期合作关系;
5. 协助技术市场部和产品管理部进行市场推广活动及搜集市场信息;

1. 电力或电子专业大学专科或大学学士学位或者更高;
2. 超过3年的销售工作经验;
3. 有防雷或者电涌保护经验者优先;
4. 良好的客户沟通和演示技巧;
5. 英文阅读和书写能力技能;
6. 良好的团队合作精神。


2. Technical Advisor 技术顾问 (上海,深圳,北京,成都、西安)

1. Give the technical training for sales and customers
2. Hold the technical presentation and seminars for customers
3. Be capable of analyzing and making analysis report
4. Provide customized solutions
5. Other tasks assigned by the company.
1. Bachelor’s degree majored in electrical engineering
2. Good in both oral & written English
3. Good coordination and organization skill and initiative
4. At least 3 years related experience in power supply industry

1. 为销售和客户提供技术培训
2. 与客户开展技术交流研讨会
3. 有能力完成产品分析并提交分析报告
4. 提供技术解决方案
5. 其他公司指派的任务
1. 大学学士学位,电子工程专业
2. 良好的英语读写会话能力
3. 良好的组织协调能力和主动性,工作勤奋,能吃苦耐劳
4. 至少三年相关配电行业的经验





电话 +86-21-23519988

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